Delivery Information

All goods purchased on MEDINIAIAKSESUARAI.LT e. store in Lithuania will be delivered within 1-5 working days.

Delivery method - Lithuania mail:

We deliver the goods to your address all over Lithuania within 1-5 working days, including Saturdays.

If courier has not discovered you at your address, you will receive an SMS message that you will be able to withdraw your goods at post office.

Please fill out all the required fields, that the product can reach you as soon as possible.

When good will be delivered you will be asked to sign the delivery document.

General information and sending abroad:

The goods can be withdrawn only by order receiver . Therefore, on withdrawal of products, it is necessary to have and submit to Lithuanian postal employee an valid identity document (identity card, passport or new type of driver's license).

The cost of sending goods abroad will depend on the total weight and the country. Abroad delivery will take up to 14 working days.